Real Estate


Experience counts and with thousands of photos in our portfolio we are confident we can get the real estate photos you’re looking for.  We use a wide-angle lens and lighting equipment to make the space look big and beautiful.  All the images are professionally edited afterwards to look their best.  We cater to Edmonton and surrounding areas.  

24 hour turnaround time

Real Estate Photo – $125

Real Estate Photo + Drone Photo – $200


Nothing beats a video to help someone get a good sense of a place.  In a really short period of time they  will get a good feeling of what the entire space looks like and they will feel like they were there walking around without having to physically be there.

24-48 hour turnaround time

Real Estate Video – $250

Real Estate Video and Drone – $350

Real Estate Photo, Video and Drone – $450


For some truly unique exterior visual experience nothing quite does it then with drone photos and video.  We can help you add that extra “WOW” factor to your listing by showing them the property and surrounding area from a bird’s eye view.

We are in full drone compliance in accordance with the rules set by Transport Canada.

Drone Photography – $125

Drone Videography (90 sec video) – $150

Drone Photography and Videography – $250

3D Tour

A great way for your potential client and customers to experience your space is through a virtual 3D tour. 

They can get a real sense of what the space looks like without having to leave their home.  They can view it from any computer, tablet and cellphone.

3D Tour (include 6 month hosting) – $200

3D Tour + Photo or Measurement – $300

3D Tour + Photo + Measurement – $400

3D Tour + Photo + Drone + Measurement – $500




We provide RMS measurements of your space.  It fully complies with the RMS rules set by RECA and we are also E&O (Error and Omissions) insured.  Laser measurement equipment are used to get professional results.  You will get the total square footage of each floor and each room.


RMS Measurement – $125

Photo + RMS Measurement – $225



If you have a commercial space like a medical office, restaurant, store, hotel, Airbnb or business space we can help you with professional photo and video of the location.

Commercial Real Estate Photo – Starting at $250

Commercial Real Estate Video – Starting at $500

Commercial 3D Tour – Starting at $500